Our focus this week at PWYK is water.

Inside, the children had the opportunity to use a fishing rod to catch a fish in the pond. 

Puzzles had us problem solving as we manipulated the puzzle pieces to fit in the correct position. 

At the arts and crafts table, there was blue play dough for us to roll and kneed to make sea animals

The fish hand puppets had everyone using their hand and eye coordination to trace their hand then add the finishing touches.

Outside, the water trough had different marine life for the children to sort and transfer into different containers, whilst naming each sea animal.

The sandpit was popular as we used a steady hand to make our sand castles.

What we learned

Water play offers an opportunity for social interactions,  physical skills, concept development and enhances motor skills.

Good news story

The children all enjoyed playing with the water and learning about the different sea creatures as they interacted and socialised with one another.