Hervey Bay job seekers will have the chance to get hands-on experience with exciting new technology at The Neighbourhood Hive.

Thanks to a partnership between HBNC and Wolfpack Print, participants in the LIFT job-skilling program will have access to two state-of-the-art laser printers.

Supervised by the expert team from Wolfpack, LIFT participants will learn how laser printing works and have a go at programming, designing and building new products with the machines.   

Tanya Stevenson, CEO of HBNC, said hands-on experience was an important part of the organisation’s approach to job-skilling and employment readiness.

“It is important to give young people hands-on experience with new technologies that will entice them into the emerging industries,” Tanya said.

“Our partnership with Wolfpack Print means they will also have access and support from professional and experienced trainers in these fields”.

The laser printers are set up on the grounds of The Neighbourhood Hive, HBNC’s learning and innovation hub. Tanya offered a special thank you to Brandnam’s Hervey Bay for providing the space for this new tech hub to be set up.

“This continues HBNC’s commitment to building a culture of innovation and creativity in our community, especially through The Neighbourhood Hive,” Tanya said.

Wolfpack Print Managing Director, Craig Taylor, said he was excited to help train and guide jobseekers.

“We are excited to grow our local business and provide a greater range of local services to the community while also providing an opportunity for mentoring and supporting skills growth for our young people across the region with HBNC,” Craig said.

For more information about The Neighbourhood Hive, visit our website or call 4194 3000. 

To be part of building a culture of innovation, be sure to register for one of the exciting Illuminate workshops, coming up as part of our 100 Days of Innovation and Creativity.