3rd December 2020

Max decided to retire after 8 years of volunteer driving for TransComCare. That was just over a year ago but recently Max has found himself with a little spare time so he contacted TransComCare to see if he could help out.


The timing was perfect as TransComCare was looking for a volunteer to undertake the annual client survey.


“This is a great opportunity for me to chat with all the clients that I have missed since retiring,” said Max with a smile.


TransComCare is a friendly transport service with a team of volunteer drivers providing subsidised transport for eligible clients.


“Our clients are such wonderful people,” said Maggie John, one of the project officers in the TransComCare office. “They are so appreciative of our service and our volunteers, it’s easy to see how our drivers can miss them”.


For more information phone TransComCare on 07 4194 3080.