As the Hervey Bay Community Centre reaches its 10-year milestone at 22 Charles St, Pialba, get to know one of the staff who has been with us the longest.

Maree Twomey has worked for the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre for 15 years.

She started taking her son to the centre's playgroup when he was a young boy, then began volunteering with the childcare and Play With Your Kids programs.

Maree had found what she loved to do.

She completed her Diploma in Children’s Services. When the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre moved into 22 Charles St 10 years ago, Maree helped to run both Play With Your Kids and the childcare programs.

She has seen a lot of changes through the years, and said people’s lifestyles have changed over time.

“As society changes, people’s needs change,” she said.

Those needs are what motivates the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre to keep developing and growing.

Maree sings the praises of all the staff who help others through the different services.

Maree is also proud of the new services now being offered through Play With Your Kids, including a speech therapist and child health nurse.

She cares about the people she meets, builds trust with families in order to help them or refer them to services that can.

She is very aware that “everyone has their own journey”.

Her favourite memories of working for Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre involve all of the different people she has met. She loves to see the connections between children and their parents, grandparents or carers.

“I love seeing the different personalities of children as they play, I could watch that all day," she said.