The walls at the Hervey Bay Community Centre, adorned with captivating paintings, have not only become a visual feast for art enthusiasts but also a platform for local artists to share their work with a wider audience.

Recently, Jillannesart's "Tacking" painting has found a new home, as have Lynn Harris’ pieces "Take off" and "Autumn Mosaic". 

This success story opens up a world of possibilities for local artists to showcase their talents.

HBNC has proven to be not only a hub for community engagement but also a vital space for artists to connect with potential buyers.

If you are an artist that is interested in displaying your work at HBNC, please get in touch!

Artistic expression enriches the cultural fabric of any community, and businesses can play a crucial role in fostering this growth.

By making space available for artists to display their work, businesses contribute to the local art scene while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of their establishments.

Whether it's a cafe, a boutique, or an office lobby, providing a platform for artists benefits both the creative community and the businesses themselves.

This success at HBNC serves as an inspiring example for other businesses to follow suit.

Creating space for local artists not only enhances the ambiance of a place but also strengthens ties with the community.

It fosters a sense of local pride and encourages a thriving arts and culture scene, ultimately making the community a more vibrant and attractive place for residents and visitors alike.