12th October 2020

Over the next 10 weeks, we will be launching our Strategic Plan for 2020-2023.

That might sound a little technical but what it means is we will be laying out our vision and goals for the community.
We’ll be explaining what we want to see happen for the Wide Bay’s most vulnerable people, and how we’ll work to help make that happen.

In this world of instant gratification and overnight promises, 10 weeks might seem like a long time, but here’s the thing.
Real change takes time – much longer than 10 weeks, in fact.
We hope we can hold your attention in the lead up to Christmas because there are some truly important issues we want you to know about.

Here at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre, we think of these as our key values.
We have identified 10 values that cut to the heart of what we want to see addressed in our community. They are:
1. No hunger
2. Opportunities for youth
3. Zero homelessness
4. Early start for children
5. Safe and connected communities
6. Social plan
7. Human rights and advocacy
8. Healthy aging
9. Volunteer engagement
10. Supporting migrants

If we can begin to make a difference in these key areas over the next three years, we will be off to a great start.
Of course, the Neighbourhood Centre can’t fix these problems on its own.

We need the support and partnership of the entire community.

That’s why we are launching a social media campaign dedicated to these key values, to fill you in on what we’re working towards.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page, as well as the all-new Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre Instagram, as we highlight and celebrate some of the key people and partners at the heart of our programs, and let you know about some exciting projects and plans on the horizon.

New Strategic Plan coming soon