If you have come to HBNC for help filling in forms, you would have met the wonderful Judy Jeftic.

After seeing a need, Judy decided to volunteer using her skills and previous experience working at Centrelink. 

Judy originally worked as a nurse then, due to a back injury, had to find a new career.

She went back to school and became a disability worker, and youth and child worker. She also received a diploma in welfare and counselling. 

Her work has been varied, including working in disability care and a youth refuge in Ballarat, then in a women’s refuge for six years as a night supervisor.

Judy moved to Hervey Bay in 2020, obtaining a transfer with Centrelink, where she did claims, general updates and worked closely with social workers.

Judy’s work at Centrelink led to her becoming a volunteer.

“I started volunteering my time at HBNC as I saw a need to help people get through the Centrelink minefield,” she said. 

“I assist people with all claims and inquiries regarding what is available through Centrelink. It is very varied and extremely valued by our clients, as many do not know what, how, when, or understand what they need to do.”

Judy has helped people fill in forms for tax legal aid, My Aged Care, renewing their passport and checking and applying for immigration visas. She also helps with NDIS claims, Legal Aid referrals, and assists with filling in court paperwork, eg applying for divorce or visas etc.

If you would like help filling in forms, call 4194 3000 and ask to make an appointment with Judy.