This Homelessness Week, HBNC acknowledges the many local organisations and individuals we partner with, to address the issue of homelessness in our region. HBNC is not a specialised homelessness service provider, so we could not be as effective without the support of people like Danielle May-Chow.

Danielle is the new outreach worker for Community Housing Limited (CHL). Read about the work Danielle does and what she would like to see change in the homelessness support space.

Provide a brief summary of the work you do in the homelessness space.

I am passionate about supporting the local homeless community in my role with Community Housing Limited (CHL). I will be working closely with other local organisations to offer support to homeless people on the Fraser Coast.

At CHL we provide support in housing services, food, clothing, and emergency relief for anything that might contribute to a person becoming homeless or being at risk of homelessness.

What drew you to work with people experiencing homelessness and other housing issues?

I am a long-time local and am acutely aware of the housing crisis. I want to make a positive change in people’s lives and support them to be able to live their lives to their full potential.

From your experience, what are the key issues contributing to homelessness in our region?

Lack of affordable and available long-term accommodation in the private rental market and a lack of social housing stock. People can find themselves at risk of homelessness simply because they can’t afford to rent in the private rental market. Some of the other key issues include family violence, addiction, mental health and lack of appropriate local support services to help people address these issues.

What are some existing services/options you want more people to be aware of?

In the local community we have services offering hot meals, showers, housing support, counselling options, phone credit and general emergency relief.

What are some solutions you would like to see put in place to address the issue of homelessness in our region?

We need a direct investment by local, state and federal governments in more affordable, accessible housing options, including safe accommodation for singles, young people, families and senior housing.