As mental health concerns continue to rise, access to high-quality training is essential to build a society that is well-informed and empathetic towards mental health challenges. This new partnership between HBNC and Simple Solutions combines the unique strengths of each organisation, creating a holistic and impactful approach to mental health training.

Simple Solutions is renowned for its excellence in delivering accredited training programs across various sectors. With a wealth of experience in developing and implementing comprehensive courses the HBNC staff will be completing a Certificate IV in Mental Health over the next 12 months.

At HBNC, we believe that early intervention and support are crucial in mitigating the impact of mental health challenges," says Tanya Stevenson, CEO of HBNC. "By partnering with Simple Solutions, we can ensure our staff are equip with the skills to respond and support our community members who struggle with mental health”.

This transformative alliance between HBNC and Simple Solutions marks a pivotal moment in the mental health training landscape. By combining resources, expertise, and passion, these organisations are set to make a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals, fostering a society that is better equipped to support mental well-being.