1st February 2021

We have marked 2021 as the Year of Fun! Why? Because having FUN is good for you!
Physiologically it balances our stress and prevents diseases long-term. It also helps to boost our creativity, energy, productivity and overall cognition.


February is 'Frock it up' month and we invite all business and organisations to get on board and create their own ways to celebrate fun .. Frock style, using the hashtag - #FraserFun.
Our ideas:
  • Frocked up Fridays
  • Trash the dress
  • Dressed up adventures
  • Steampunk
Each month we will continue to share ways that we have introduced fun at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre.
In January we celebrated 'Chalk it up'. We delivered over 300 'fun bags' to businesses across the Fraser Coast to encourage everyone to get on board.
Thank you to everyone for sharing your chalk messages.
We invite everyone to replicate our ideas through your business, family or groups and include #FraserFun or share with us to [email protected]