Regularly, we will feature a member of the HBNC team, giving you a chance to Meet the Neighbours. The goal is to highlight and celebrate the people at the heart of our organisation, who work tirelessly to make the Wide Bay Burnett community a stronger and more resilient one.

Meet Karen Kruger - Volunteer

1.       Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, I'm Karen Kruger, a Hervey Bay local for the past 36 years. I love tending to my garden, swimming, practicing yoga, hitting the gym, and, most importantly, forging connections with new friends.

2.       What is a quick summary of your professional background?

In my earlier years, I was the proud owner of a costume hire shop for an incredible 21 years. However, I have since retired, finding myself at a crossroads, pondering on how to best utilise my time and skills.

3.       What drew you to work with the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre?

I wanted to venture into uncharted territories and step outside my comfort zone. Volunteering at the Centre has provided me with the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of people, each with their own unique stories and experiences.

4.       How do you see your role making a difference in the lives of the community’s most vulnerable?

My primary focus is on making a positive impact on the lives of our community's most vulnerable members, in particular, alleviating the social isolation faced by seniors. By extending a helping hand and a compassionate ear, I aim to foster meaningful connections and bring joy into the lives of those who may be feeling isolated. I also benefit from my role, as I get to hear beautiful stories and experiences.

5.       What’s one thing you hope to see happen or change for our community?

Looking towards the future, one of my aspirations is to witness positive change in our community, specifically in the realm of homelessness. I hope to see more initiatives and resources dedicated to providing accommodation for the homeless.