Relationships Australia's annual event, 'Neighbour Day', is on Sunday 26th March. The day is designed to bring people together, to connect communities and reflect on what it means to belong, and to be truly inclusive.

This year's theme is Create Belonging, and it is "a call to action to everyone (individuals, community groups, businesses and governments) to take everyday actions that create social connection and foster respectful relationships".

Belonging is a basic human need, and it is essential for individuals to feel connected to their community and have a sense of purpose. HBNC is committed to creating belonging in the community, and we achieve this through many initiatives.

Here are five ways that HBNC is creating belonging in Hervey Bay.

  1. Culture Caf

Culture Caf is an event that celebrates diversity and promotes multiculturalism. It is an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together, share a meal, and learn about each other's cultures.

The upcoming Bollywood-themed event, to be held on 20th May, 2023, promises to be an exciting experience, with a three-course meal, dancing, and music by DJ Gerry Brown. This event encourages community members to break down cultural barriers, share their experiences, and create connections with people from different backgrounds.

  1. Open Day

HBNC's Open Day, coming up on 14th April, is an annual event that offers an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate. The event is free and provides family-friendly activities that promote kindness, education, and awareness of the services offered by HBNC. This year's theme, "Country Kindness", highlights the importance of promoting harmony, kindness, and social connection within the community.

  1. Comfort Kitchen

Comfort Kitchen is a weekly program that offers a free meal to community members who are in need. The program's primary objective is to provide a safe space for people to connect and socialise over a meal. Comfort Kitchen relies on the support of local individuals and businesses who generously donate their time and resources. Volunteers dedicate their time to cook and serve meals, creating a sense of community spirit and belonging.

  1. Scone Time

Scone Time is a monthly event that provides an opportunity for community members to come together over a cup of tea and scones. The event is held at The Tree House: Urangan Community Wellness Centre, and is open to all community members who wish to attend. Scone Time provides a relaxed and informal environment for people to connect and build relationships, promoting a sense of belonging in the community.

  1. Play With Your Kids

Play With Your Kids is a program designed to provide parents and children with a safe and supportive environment to learn, play, and connect. The program offers activities-based playgroups that support the physical, emotional, and social development of children from birth to Prep. It also provides parenting information and support to parents on a variety of issues and needs. The program fosters opportunities for parents to develop valuable social networks with other families, creating a sense of community and belonging.