HBNC is passionate about linking people together and creating connected communities, which is exactly what last week's Community Connections Expo was about.

It was a great success, bringing together various community groups and activities for Fraser Coast residents to explore. The expo provided an opportunity for locals to connect with like-minded individuals, learn about different groups, clubs, and activities, and expand their social circles.

Throughout the day, visitors had the chance to interact with representatives from a wide range of groups and organisations, each eager to share their activities, clubs, membership, and events. From sports clubs to community service groups, there was something for everyone.

The Community Connections Expo was a perfect example of how community events can bring people together, encouraging them to learn from one another, share their passions, and build lasting connections.

It showcased the importance of community groups and how they can enrich people's lives by providing a sense of belonging and a platform for personal growth.

For anyone who missed the expo, the Local Learning Network offers ongoing courses, workshops, and events, ensuring that there are always opportunities for Fraser Coast residents to connect, learn, and grow.