A mother-daughter duo with a heart for helping those in need have been busy as a bee collecting essential items for donation.

Iluka Clifton and her mum, Bianca, launched a donation drive to raise funds and collect items for the Christmas period.

They are regular donors to our Bless Box and wanted to make a substantial contribution.

Iluka runs a Facebook page called Buzznut the Bee, where she describes herself as "an eco-warrior and clever creator".

Her donation of soap, deodorant and hair product is in line with her mission as all the products come from environmentally-conscious companies, including Miessence, No Pong and Replenish Refill.

"Buzznut the Bee is all about caring for the earth and our animal friends," the Facebook page reads.

"We create events and natural products (organic where possible) and believe in an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

"Our goal is to teach people about our impact on nature and inspire them to care for the environment and themselves."

Iluka and Bianca also raised about $600 through their Groove for Good fundraiser, which they donated to our Christmas Appeal - helping us smash our goal of $5000 for 2020.