The Fraser Coast Regional Council food safety course is a comprehensive program designed to educate individuals on the essential principles and practices of ensuring food safety in a variety of settings. These include small scale food handling activities such as Community and Charity groups, food stall holders and home-based businesses all the way through to large scale food businesses such as restaurants, food processing facilities, and catering services. This course covers a wide range of topics, including proper food handling, storage, preparation, and hygiene practices.

Throughout the course, participants will learn about potential hazards related to food safety, such as cross-contamination, improper temperature control, and inadequate sanitation. They will also gain knowledge about the importance of personal hygiene, including hand-washing techniques, proper attire, and avoiding common foodborne illnesses.

There is no prior learning required for the course, however we do encourage all attendees to bring their questions and enthusiasm for food safety on the day. 

After successfully completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. 

Where: Hervey Bay Community Centre, 22 Charles St, Pialba (Crawford Room)

When: 16 July, 10 September,  12 November 2024, 9am to 11.30am

To attend any of these courses, please email: [email protected]