November 18th, 2020

Nestled among the trees at the northern end of the Botanical Gardens, the Urangan Centre always exuded a feeling of serenity and oneness with nature. 


At a Planning Day in 2016, during a “Dream Big” session, a group of staff members developed the idea of a Wellness and Respite Centre for our community, utilising ideas from similar Centres in other areas.  The Urangan Centre, surrounded by nature, was immediately identified as the ideal spot to support wellness and provide a space for community members to access a range of services providing information, support and advice in times of adversity.  This would not be possible with its current size and design.  And so we dreamed even bigger……

(The Tree House Urangan Community Wellness Centre under construction)

With the pro bono assistance of a local architect, an extension was designed and we decided on our areas of focus – mental, physical, social and emotional, whole of life, community, cultural and spiritual wellness.  We listened to the stories about how the Butchulla people used the area and incorporated this into our dream.  Community members told us of their challenges, their ideas of services and how they should be delivered and we incorporated these into our dream.  We developed a business plan, we applied for funding and we talked to anyone who we thought could help us achieve our dream.

At last, after 4 years an opportunity arose to partner with the Fraser Coast Regional Council to bring our dream to fruition and we welcomed it with open arms!

Buy an engraved brick for the upcoming  TreeHouse Urangan Community Wellness Centre