February 14, 2024: At Play With Your Kids, we embarked on a multicultural journey celebrating the vibrant tapestry of our community.

πŸ“š What we learned: As always, our activities were designed to foster key learning outcomes. Through literacy-rich experiences, meaningful connections, and social interactions, our little ones continued to thrive and grow.

🌺 Good News Story: We were thrilled to welcome back our Fijian and Chinese families from their overseas summer adventures! With open arms and big smiles, we greeted each other with a warm "Ni hao" - embracing cultural diversity and unity.

🎨 Activities Galore: From rice play to vegetable printing, our young explorers indulged their senses and creativity. Show and share sessions allowed our children to proudly showcase their cultural treasures, deepening our understanding and appreciation of each other's heritage.

🌳 Group Excursion: Our adventure took us on a magical journey through the rainforest of the Botanic Gardens to the enchanting Chinese gardens.

Amidst lush greenery, we marveled at the intricate architecture and symbolism. Discussions on Chinese culture sparked curiosity and wonder, with highlights including the unique shapes of windows adorning the gardens, like the mesmerizing circle window above the water fountain.

This day was a testament to the beauty of multiculturalism and the joy of learning through play. Thank you to all our families for making each day at Play With Your Kids so special! 🌟 Let's continue to explore, learn, and grow together!