The Illuminate 2.0: ThriveCon Health and Wellbeing Expo was a resounding success, with more than 200 people flowing through the Urangan Community Wellness Centre to experience free workshops and collect information about health and wellbeing services across the region.

Health and wellbeing is gaining mainstream support and acknowledgement. Government and Education industry positions are being revamped from workplace health and safety, to wellbeing, health and safety, as person-centric holistic wellbeing is embraced as an organisational value.

This is also an excellent space for entrepreneurship and starting a business. You can attain a Diploma of Community Welfare and Wellbeing in just one year (full time) or complete a short online course such as Emotional Intelligence and Personal Wellbeing in two months, to springboard you into this dynamic, and in-demand industry.

The workshops included soothing yoga stretches (chair and mat), graceful tai chi for beginners, meditation, clearing mind chatter and an introduction to the Brighter Minds program for five to fifteen year olds. Brighter Minds is a methodology designed to grow the brain’s ability to optimise performance through differential recruitment of neural network. 

Laughter yoga was totally hilarious and weekly workshops are now planned to continue to offer this valuable tool to the community for free!

The meditation sessions provided moments of peace and reflection, guiding attendees towards inner calm and mental clarity. Sleep tools and techniques offered practical solutions for better rest, empowering individuals to prioritise their sleep for improved overall health.

The vegan and gluten free food menu delighted taste buds and showcased the delicious possibilities of plant-based eating, promoting not just physical health but also environmental sustainability.

The expo was a true celebration of holistic wellness and attendees left with a renewed sense of vitality and a wealth of knowledge including strategies to improve work/life balance and for better self-care, health and fitness. 

Thanks to the Heartfulness Institute Australia for proudly supporting ThriveCon.