A bold new strategy, aimed at empowering Neighbourhood and Community Centres to design and deliver services to meet the specific needs of their communities, has been released.

The strategic plan was developed by a specially-convened Strategic Re-Positioning Committee made up of leaders from the Neighbourhood Centre sector, including HBNC CEO Tanya Stevenson, alongside experts from related fields.

The plan, produced as part of the Queensland Government’s Communities 2032 Strategy, outlines a framework guiding the future direction of Queensland’s Neighbourhood Centres, while considering opportunities to strengthen their capacity to deliver programs and services specific to their communities.

Tanya said the strategy represented a significant milestone for the social sector.

“The vision outlined in this co-designed framework includes undertaking significant sector reform to amplify the voices of Neighbourhood Centres, acknowledge their wisdom as place-based experts in their communities and recognise their extraordinary social value in connecting with local community members,” Tanya said.

“At their core, Neighbourhood Centres are inclusive and welcoming for everyone, which is why their role is particularly important as we strive to address issues such as social isolation and loneliness, and implement initiatives to support community recovery as part of the Communities 2032 strategy.”

Key goals outlined in the strategy include:

  • Vibrant, inclusive and cohesive communities.
  • Healthy, accessible and liveable communities.
  • Safe and resilient communities.
  • Supported and responsive communities.

About Communities 2032

The Communities 2032 Strategy is Queensland’s first long-term, holistic strategy for our communities.

It will guide Queensland Government action over 10 years, towards our vision that Queensland’s communities support and empower every person to connect, participate, contribute and thrive.

Communities 2032 is a long-term plan to strengthen the fabric of our communities and to help Queenslanders live their best lives.

Strong communities are essential to our economic prosperity, wellbeing and future opportunities.

Communities 2032 is a roadmap to four key destinations that represent our aspirations for Queensland.

Source: Queensland Government

About Neighbourhood Centres

Neighbourhood Centres support Queensland communities to celebrate diversity and develop responses to modern-day challenges.

They have the unique ability to cultivate strong and resilient communities and transform the lives of some of Queensland’s most vulnerable people.