Since its inception in July 2021, Bub Hub has been more than just a program; it's become a lifeline for young parents, offering guidance, support, and a sense of community in the often overwhelming journey of parenthood.

For one young couple, Shannon O’Brien and Nick Simpson, attending Bub Hub with their daughter from day one has been transformative.

What began as a quest for parenting resources quickly evolved into something much deeper.

Shannon, having studied Certificate III in Childcare and worked at Milestones Daycare, recognised the value of a supportive network. Inviting a high school friend, with whom she shared a history of childcare experiences, proved to be the catalyst for expanding that network.

It was at Bub Hub that this duo encountered another young parent they had known for years but never truly connected with until now.

Through shared experiences and the common ground of navigating parenthood, their bond deepened, blossoming into a genuine friendship.

Together, they found solace in knowing they were not alone in their journey.

Attending Bub Hub wasn't just about acquiring knowledge; it was about building connections.

These newfound friendships brought not only emotional support but also practical advice and shared experiences.

The young couple found their confidence in parenting bolstered, as they exchanged tips, vented frustrations, and celebrated milestones together.

As fate would have it, the bonds formed at Bub Hub extended beyond the realm of parenting.

With a second child on the way, the couple is preparing to embark on another chapter of their lives.

And as they plan their wedding for August, it's no surprise that they've chosen to have both newfound friends stand beside them as bridesmaids.

Bub Hub isn't just a program; it's a community, a support system, and a beacon of hope for young parents navigating the often turbulent waters of raising children.

It's where friendships are formed, confidence is built, and memories are made. And for this young couple, it's been nothing short of life-changing.