In a world often divided by boundaries and differences, Global Beats and Eats emerged as a beacon of unity, drawing individuals from diverse backgrounds into a collective celebration of culture, music, and community.

This event illuminated the power of cultural exchange and solidarity, welcoming around 2000 attendees to a day of exploration and discovery.

From the moment the gates opened, Global Beats and Eats pulsated with the energy of cultural exchange. 

Culinary enthusiasts savoured cooking demonstrations that offered a tantalising glimpse into global flavours, while art and craft activities provided a canvas for creative expression inspired by diverse cultural motifs.

At the heart of the event lay the Shared Connections zone, where workshops served as bridges between cultures, inviting participants to immerse themselves in new experiences.

Belly dancing workshops explored the rhythms of Middle Eastern dance, while drumming circles echoed with beats from distant lands. 

Poi spinning and soulful songwriting workshops provided avenues for personal expression, empowering participants to find common ground through shared creativity.

As the day unfolded, the stage became a vibrant tapestry of sound and movement, showcasing a line-up as diverse as the audience it entertained.

Marta the Belly Dancer enthralled with her fluid movements, while Frank Benn's melodies wove tales of love and longing.

The Youth Choir, a testament to the vibrancy of the next generation, harmonised voices from different backgrounds, embodying the spirit of unity through music.

However, it was the collaborative performances that truly exemplified the essence of Global Beats.

Jon Vea Vea’s Cobblestone Band, joined by the Fraser Coast Multicultural Choir, transcended cultural boundaries with their harmonious blend of voices and instruments.

Led by Twila Whittingham, the choir embodied the spirit of inclusion, bringing together women from diverse cultural backgrounds in a celebration of unity and diversity.

The stage showcased the global tapestry of talent, with performances from Noah Williams, Al Davies, Joy Butler, and Arabian Nights Bollywood Dreams captivating audiences with their distinct sounds and styles.

Yet, it was the grand finale—a mesmerising fire dance performance from Energy Entertainment’s Erin and Bryce—that left attendees spellbound.