Ready to dive into the delightful world of letter writing? Here are five fun reasons why becoming a Community Pen Pal is an absolute blast:

Make connections in a new way

With Community Pen Pals, you'll have the chance to spread positivity to folks from all walks of life.

With mail going out to residents all over Hervey Bay, every letter is a chance to make a new connection and spread some cheer.

Try something new by going old-school

Tired of the same routine? Change things up with a handwritten letter adventure!

Instead of scrolling through endless feeds, why not experience the simply joy of penning and posting a letter, with the added bonus of knowing it will bring a smile to someone's face?

Share stories and smiles

Get ready for some serious story swapping and laughter galore! As a Community Pen Pal, you'll have the chance to share your favourite tales, jokes and classic anecdotes.

It's the perfect excuse to unleash your creativity and brighten someone's day with a sprinkle of humour.

Spread positivity, one letter at a time 

Who needs a superhero cape when you've got a trusty pen and paper?

By becoming a Community Pen Pal, you can spread positivity wherever you go.

Your words of encouragement, support, and friendship have the power to uplift spirits and make a real difference in someone's day.

Rediscover the joy of snail mail

Step away from the screens and embrace the magic of snail mail!

There's something special about receiving a handwritten letter that can't be replicated by emails or texts.

From the feel of the paper to the anticipation of opening the envelope, each letter is a delightful reminder of simpler times and the joy of thoughtful communication.

So what are you waiting for? Head to The Tree House: Urangan Community Wellness Centre on Elizabeth St and join the Community Pen Pal party today!

About Community Pen Pals

Community Pen Pals invites residents of Fraser Coast to take a moment out of their day to write a thoughtful note, sharing kind words and uplifting messages.

These letters can be dropped off in the designated mailbox under the cherry blossom tree inside the Urangan Community Wellness Centre.

Once collected, the HBNC team will ensure these messages of goodwill are delivered to individuals who may be feeling socially isolated, brightening their day and fostering a sense of connection within our community.