In an effort to foster connection and spread positivity throughout our community, HBNC is delighted to announce the launch of our newest initiative, Community Pen Pals.

This heart-warming program aims to uplift spirits and combat social isolation by facilitating anonymous letters of well wishes and encouragement from one community member to another.

Community Pen Pals invites residents of Fraser Coast to take a moment out of their day to write a thoughtful note, sharing kind words and uplifting messages.

These letters can be dropped off in the designated mailbox under the cherry blossom tree inside the Urangan Community Wellness Centre.

Once collected, the HBNC team will ensure these messages of goodwill are delivered to individuals who may be feeling socially isolated, brightening their day and fostering a sense of connection within our community.

Tanya Stevenson, CEO of Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre, expressed her enthusiasm for the Community Pen Pals initiative.

"At HBNC, we are committed to creating a community where everyone feels valued and connected. The Community Pen Pals program embodies the spirit of compassion and kindness that defines our organisation,” Tanya said.

“By taking a few moments to share words of encouragement, we have the power to make a meaningful difference in someone's life and spread joy throughout our community."

Through Community Pen Pals, residents of Fraser Coast have the opportunity to engage in a simple yet impactful act of kindness, fostering connections and strengthening the fabric of our community.

Whether it's a few words of encouragement, a heartfelt message, or simply a friendly hello, every letter has the power to brighten someone's day and remind them that they are not alone.

Join us in spreading warmth and cheer throughout the Fraser Coast with Community Pen Pals. Together, we can make a difference, one letter at a time.