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Every option should be explored and tried no matter how unpredictable, impossible, insane or ridiculous does it looks or sound.

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Brainstorming, idea generation, playing sessions, note taking. You think you used everything? We will challenge your mind and its abilities to the limits.


Our methods and ideas are are not written or following any books, curriculums or rules. We consider ourselves rebels and we are proud of it.


Every project with innovation as a goal requires smart approach. Identify real problem first and look for the smartest and simplest solution later.

Our Team

See live demos, listen to case studies, speak with Wearable Tech Experts The first Wearable Tech Expo in Tokyo 2014. Key players from Japan, America and Europe announced their new products and attracted attention from all over the world. The next Wearable Tech Expo in Tokyo will be doubling in size and include Robotics and IoT. The main players in the wearable industry, human factor engineers, brain scientists, media providers and creators will discuss the future of wearable technology!


Space Tech Expo

Space Tech Expo is the West Coast's premier B2B space event for spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle and space-related technologies. Taking place in Long Beach, the Space Tech Expo exhibition and conference brings together global decision-makers involved in the design, build and testing of spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle and space-related technologies. Leading the West Coast space and satellite industry, Space Tech Expo is where end-users connect with solution providers.


Previous Projects

Neural network for Google

People from Google approached us this January with offer to create new neural network for whole Google's ecosystem. This idea was very interesting and looked almost impossible at first glance. However, our engineers proved their expertise and built amazing autonomous platform. more...

Faster operating system for Apple

For a years, since founding days of a company, Apple always worked with its own operating system. In October, this was about to change. Our company got chance to rewrite the history by creating brand new OS for Apple. It was very difficult and all our employees worked hard every day. more...

Manufacturing technology for Intel

Intel has been manufacturing company for many years. They always used the latest technologies to achieve the best results with lowest costs. However, this was not enough. Intel decided to offer us something that could disrupt whole technology sector. more...

Our Standards


Our goal is to give our customers the best solutions in highest aquality. Our employees strive for excellence and work hard to achieve it. Everything must work and be reliable. Great design must be both, aesthetic and functional. Product or service that pass these conditions will be everlasting.


Our mantra is to create new paths. We are not interested in copying others because we know, that if you want to succeed, you have to be different, unique. Our customers know that we create unique products and experience for them. This is the best way to differentiate us and our brand from the noise on market. Unique, different and proud.

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