Get on board with our Year of Fun ideas, download our resources and find ways to promote 'fun'.

In 2020 the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre initiated the year of Kindness to promote greater care for each other in our local community. A team of positive and passionate volunteers, known as the Kindness Crew, delivered a number of community activities such as the Kindness Mural at the front of the community centre, Kindness Doors with positive messaging placed in our schools and local businesses and as a finale the World Kindness Day Art Festival in November. With COVID-19 lockdowns starting in March, Kindness
became more important across the community in supporting one another through the many challenges.

Following on from the year of Kindness, this year the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre is introducing 2021 as the year of fun. While we acknowledge the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 we would like to encourage the community to engage in positive themed activities over the next 12 months. These activities are designed to bring happiness and fun through connection with each other.

Our theme for January is Chalk It Up and we have packed some fun bags including some sticks of chalk for you to leave messages that foster greater joy in our community. You can write your messages on your driveway, pathway, sidewalk as long as the messages or drawings are in the community spirit of fun and goodwill. Please take a photo of your message and post to our Facebook page with the hashtag #FraserFUN.

We invite everyone to replicate our fun ideas through your business, family or groups.

Download and print the Fun Calendar