Free Workshop Series for Clubs, Groups, Event Organisers and Activity Providers

Do you run a local group or club, or provide activities for community members? 

As part of the Connecting Communities Social Prescription program, our skilled staff are running a free workshop series to help support local groups and clubs to successfully engage and deliver social activities.

The one-hour workshops are being held at the Urangan Community Wellness Centre from 9am to 10am.

Come to all, come to a few or just come to one - it's up to you!

Please book your spot below.

Workshop 1 - 23rd February - Group Connect: The first workshop is about connecting with each other to discover the challenges and opportunities to promote activities in the region. 

Workshop 2 - 15th March - Planning and holding events: In this workshop, we will showcase the steps to hosting successful workshops and events including how to attract attendees, promote the events, making the event inclusive, how to measure your success.

Workshop 3 - 3rd May - Facebook Marketing: Learn how to put your event on Facebook and share with the community.

Workshop 4 - 7th June - How to engage the media (newspapers, magazines, tv and radio): Learn about the local media and how to promote your group, activity or news.

Workshop 5 - 12th July - How to present with confidence: Would you like to feel more confident speaking to a group or delivering a workshop? Learn some basic public speaking tips and practice with your colleagues.

Workshop 6 - 9th August- How to use surveys to get feedback on your activity: Learn the basics of making a survey to engage and get feedback on your activities, clubs or groups.

Workshop 7 - 6th September - Use Canva to make posters and flyers: Learn the basics of the Canva platform to create interesting content to promote your upcoming activities.

Workshop 8 - 4th October - I have an idea for a group or activity and don't know where to start: Come along and hear how others have started their groups or activities and learn from their experiences.

Workshop 9 - 8th November - Does your website have the right information? In this workshop we will look at what makes a great website and learn what information is needed to attract members and participants to your groups, clubs and activities.

For more information on these workshops please email Karla at [email protected] or call 4194 3000.

These workshops are part of the Connecting Communities: Social Prescription Pilot Program funded by the Queensland Government's Communities Innovation Fund. To find out about this new and exciting program, click here

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Workshop 1 Connection 23/2

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Workshop 2 Events 15/3

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Workshop 3 Facebook 3/5

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Workshop 4 Media 7/6

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Workshop 5 Presentation 12/7

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Workshop 6 Surveys 9/8

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Workshop 7 Canva 6/9

Decrease Increase $0.00

Workshop 8 Ideas 4/10

Decrease Increase $0.00

Workshop 9 Websites 8/11

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