Illuminate, the first event of its kind, aims to provide community members with the skills they need to drive innovative and creative thinking throughout their careers. If you want to ensure that your skills evolve with the times then join us for the launch of 100 days of innovation and creativity on the 11th of May, 6pm – 8pm at the Neighbourhood Hive.

Learn from local innovative leaders who are truly committed to driving change in our community and from those who are getting work done in completely new ways. The winners of the innovation race will land the next generations of consumers and provide better services to stakeholders more efficiently.

CEO of HBNC, Tanya Stevenson, says, “A recent McKinsey survey indicated that 70% of senior executives view innovation as one of the top three drivers of growth for their companies in the next three years. Yet most executives are generally disappointed in their ability to stimulate innovation. It has also been suggested that by 2025, 52% of all work will be completed by a form of artificial intelligence, algorithms and robots.

“The Fraser Coast’s youth unemployment rate is currently still the second highest in the State. Illuminate will help you find your spark, explore what it means for young people entering the workforce, support community members looking for a career change or just to upskill.

“HBNC is delivering the 100 days of innovation and creativity through partnerships with a variety of presenters to highlight the trends in technology and supporting our local community to connect and learn.”

Illuminate will include one-off events and ongoing workshops that cover freelancing, developing AI skills, technology for everyone, how to start a small business or side hustle, how to write and publish a book and many more. If you are an innovator, creative or have a skill you would like to share, please contact us through our website:

While we acknowledge there is no “one size fits all” solution to leading and driving innovation within a region, it is time for the Fraser Coast community to come together and support each other to share new skills and tools to innovate, connect and build confidence to risk implementing new ideas. It takes a cultural shift for our region to become a hub for innovators.

This is funded through the Department of Social Services.

Facts and figures

  • Wide Bay Burnett & Surrounds boasts the largest population base in the state outside of SEQ.
  • In 2021, the region’s Aust Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) average for its 8 LGA’s had the second lowest ADII score in Queensland with an average score of 64.7, more than 6 points below the state and national averages.
  • Between 2014 and 2020, the ADII score for Coastal QLD rose 3.9 points (from 51.3 in 2014 to 55.4 in 2020), much lower than the state average increase of 9.1 points.

Media contact

For interviews, photos and more information, contact HBNC Operations Manager, Christian Berechree, on [email protected].