"The Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre is most appreciative of the support of the Fraser Coast Regional Council in the development of this Social Plan. During many of the consultation activities, community members highlighted the need for community groups, organisations and agencies to work together to address the emerging social issues in a compassionate and productive manner. Communities discussed the need for a diverse and innovative economy to underpin our enviable lifestyle and looked at social enterprise as a way of achieving this."


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Aims of the Social Plan

A Social Plan reflects the social needs and aspirations of a community and outlines ways in which to respond to these. It provides a platform for individuals, organisations and government agencies to work together in building resilient and vibrant communities.

Our plan outlines current and emerging social needs of our community and identifies strategies to respond to these to plan for the future. These strategies encompass both short and longer term actions. The social needs are integrated with economic, cultural and governance issues. It will be used to advocate for additional resources that
meet the needs of our community.


Between March and August 2018 there were a number of community consultations across the Fraser Coast community. From these consultations the following four key themes have been identified.

  1. Diverse Community
  2. Community Health
  3. Aging Community
  4. Youth and Family
  5. Natural Environment

The plan provides key linkages to the following key strategic documents for the Fraser Coast Region:

  • Fraser Coast 2018 Building Better Communities
  • Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre Strategic 2017 – 2020
  • Community Social Action Plan
  • Wide Bay Hospital and Health Strategic Plan
  • Community Services Industry 
  • The Kids in Communities Study (KiCS)
  • Advancing Queensland’s Community
  • Services Industry 2017 – 2025

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