A hands-on, innovative training program has proven to be a major step forward in Ethan Nelson’s career journey – plus, shooting a few hoops helped along the way.

Ethan is one of the latest graduates of HBNC’s Industry Ready Training (IRT) program.

The training, delivered over 10 weeks, offers jobseekers a chance to find their purpose and passion while connecting with local employers and opportunities.

Ethan, who has previous job experience in a kitchen and worked with horses while aiming to become a jockey, said the course boosted his confidence and helped him make valuable connections.

“The course helped me learn what’s out there. It brings the opportunities to you, rather you having to find what is out there,” Ethan said.

“I was quite nervous. I didn't really know how it was going to go, or what sort of things we would do, but when I got here I got to know some of the trainers, Nicole and Kaylene.

“They're very, very good. They're really upbeat and fun and a lot of the stuff that they've done for us has been very helpful.”

Ethan said highlights of the training including completing a session at Camp Hard Yakka and hearing from facilitators visiting from various different industries.

He said the training venue, The Neighbourhood Hive, made the whole experience positive and fun.

“It’s been a lot more comfortable, they’ve got the ping pong tables and the basketball hoop,” Ethan said.

“So, if you’re feeling a bit stressed, you can go shoot some hoops or play some ping pong.

Nicole Cornish, one of Ethan’s trainers, expressed her pride in Ethan’s progress.

“Ethan came in very shy, very quiet, a little bit unsure. Throughout the program, he really opened up to us. He really likes our energy and the vibe of The Neighbourhood Hive,” Nicole said.

Ethan’s next step is to complete a Certificate III in Individual Support through HBNC’s Multicultural Inclusion Support Training, delivered through the Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) program.

Nicole said his employment future looked bright.

Ethan will be heading over to do the SQW program for individual support and he just had a job interview, so hopefully he’ll be employed and studying, plus anything he can get involved with through HBNC in terms of youth, I believe he’d be very reliable for that, too.”

If you would like to learn more about Industry Ready Training, head to www.hbnc.com.au/lift.